01 February 2012

Seven Questions To - Santy

With this interview we wish to inaugurate a monthly date with a contemporary printmaking artist.
February is the turn of Santy, an internationally acclaimed street artist who is also heavily involved in the world of print.
We loved hearing his irriverent and smart point of view on the international printmaking situation, with a particular focus on his home country, Italy.

Santy, born in 1979 in Naples and currently living in Milan, has been involved in art since his teen years; he attended art school and then the Academy Of Fine Arts Of Brera and during those years he began his adventure in the world of writing, becoming one of the protagonists of the italian scene of the nineties.
Besides painting, a subject in which he graduated with honours, and street art, the artist has a preference for printmaking, with particular interest for screen printing and woodcut.
His poetics have roots in italian folklore, modernized and revisited from a fairytale-like and grotesque point of view, and highly influenced by mysticism and its impact on everyday's life.

Work for Italian Roots, solo show at ProjectB Gallery in Milan, 2008.