01 May 2012

Seven Questions To - Marina Terauds

May's artist Marina Terauds talks to us about ex-libris.

I was born in Russia, Siberia, near Lake Baikal.
My first memories: snow, long dark cold winters, snow, stars, snow, frozen milk, snow again, and very hot, short bright summers, huge yellow and orange wildflowers – fields full of them.
Since then I don't like snow.
I love the starry sky, constellations and orange-yellow color.
When I was eight my family returned to Latvia, Baltic Sea, where I studied and spent the main part of my life.
My parents were not connected to art in any ways, but they both liked to draw, and in the mornings I could often find delightful surprises in my pad: drawings that my mom and dad made for me while I was sleeping.
We always had a lot of books at home, and my favorites were books with old engravings and pen and ink illustrations.
I graduated from Latvian Academy Of Arts with a MA in Printmaking and from Latvian State University with a MA in Art Education.
In Latvia I taught art and art history, worked as an animator for a film studio and illustrated about twenty books.
I moved to Michigan in 2000, where I set up a small printmaking studio where I work as a self-employed artist.

Chimera, etching, 2005.